D'Agostini & Associates


Our Dream

Two Special Ladies…

We did it! We made it!! We’re in!!!

Could not have accomplished what we All Did without you. You helped us find & make happen OUR Dream.

Barb and Doug

February 2017

Happy Holidays

Dear Leedy and Susan,

Lane and I sincerely thank you for all of your effort in selling my mother’s home. You both have been instrumental in giving advice, advertising and all of what it takes.



Excellent Service

Excellent service! You folks just hung in there and kept us in the loop. We will ABSOLUTELY keep you as our agent for the purchase of the balance of the property as well as the sale of the 300 homes. We appreciate people who work with integrity and honor as you do.

Dennis A. / Plymouth



Very Happy

We are very happy  that as far as the quickness of this sale, it exceeded our expectations. 



Words can’t express


Words can’t express how much I appreciate your competency, all your services and everything you did in trying to bring ourselves to close the property in Plymouth. Without any doubt, I know you are a library of resources with respect to any future prospects we have. I only hope you understand that we couldn’t pull it together. We are extremely appreciative of all you have done.